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The Arabs have reaped the results of their own greed and hatred, which frustrates and angers them all the more

Since 1948 the relentless cry of the Arabs has been to liquidate Israel, which they have attempted to do in several wars and Israelis have lived under the constant threat of all-out destruction by the surrounding Arab nations, which outnumber them. 
Had Israel been left in peace she would never have enlarged her borders. The Arabs have reaped the results of their own greed and hatred, which frustrates and angers them all the more [read their newspapers and Web-sites to see their continuing denial of these facts]. The extension of Israel's boundaries has only taken place as a result of wars she has been forced to fight in order to defend her very existence.  The Golan Heights, for example, were long used by the Syrians for sniper and rocket attacks upon the Israeli farm settlements below. In the Yom Kippur war of 1973, while the Egyptians simultaneously attacked across the Sinai,  the Syrians poured over the Golan and down into Israel with thousands of tanks. The Israelis, caught by surprise and with only a small fraction of Syria's tanks and men, drove the Syrians (at great cost of life) back over the top of the Golan and the Egyptians back to the Suez Canal.  Israel has since relinquished the territory it took from Egypt under a peace treaty with that country.  In view of the continued threats of extermination from Syria which, like other Islamic nations refuses even to acknowledge its existence, Israel wisely retained the Golan Heights in order to prevent its use once again as a point of harassment and attack.  Surrender of strategic positions of this kind will put Israel in a very dangerous position once more and, if George W. Bush helps bring about such a weakening the fall-out will rebound in America's face!  History proves that the God of Israel will deal with those who attack His chosen people.  History should remember that it wasn't until after the death (August 17th, 1987) of Rudolf Hess, the last representative of the evil Nazi regime which persecuted the Jews, that the sign of God's judgement brought on Germany through the corrupt Soviet regime - the Berlin Wall - began to come down!  It was a slow and painful demolition, between 13th June 1990 and November 1991, to bring home this point.

When Iraq's forces overwhelmed tiny and defenceless, but oil-rich, Kuwait it was only the swift action of the United States responding to Saudi Arabia's urgent appeal for help that prevented Saddam Hussein from taking over that country as well.
This brought about something that previously had been unthinkable, and which Osama bin Laden and his cohorts claim to be the source of their jihad (coupled with their supposed desire to see a homeland created for the Palestinians): the presence of 'infidels' upon the soil of the holiest Islamic nation!

Thinking Arabs are now faced with some serious questions!

But notice this
FACT - when the USA, Britain and other allies went to the Gulf they were  defending Mecca and Medina, Islam's two most sacred shrines, from Muslim enemies!   For the first time in its history, the United Nations responded quickly, and almost unanimously, to oppose with practical and severe steps an aggressor nation, raising some peoples' hopes of a strong and effective 'new world order.'  Equally amazing, the majority of the Arab states sided with the UN against a fellow Islamic country.  One of Hussein's demands, however, appealed to most Arabs: that any withdrawal of his forces from Kuwait should be linked to a similar withdrawal of Israel from 'occupied' Palestine.  In their joint press conference in Helsinki, Bush and Gorbachev disagreed on this point. Bush correctly saw no link between the Arab-Israeli dispute and the Gulf crisis.  Hussein's takeover of Kuwait was an act of unprovoked aggression, whereas Israel occupies territory which it was forced to take in self-defence after Islamic nations attempted to drive the Jews out of Israel!  Thinking Arabs are now faced with some serious questions. Why did mobs of Arabs give credence to the call for Holy War from Saddam Hussein, a Muslim who was ruthlessly trampling other Islamic nations - as some Muslims are now doing in response to bin Laden's appeals?  Why are fanatical Muslims responsible for most of the terrorism and hostage-taking in the world and outdo 'infidels' in committing atrocities?  The September 11th outrage has confirmed this in the minds of most of the world! And if Allah is all-powerful, why did 'infidels' have to defend Mecca and Medina against Muslims?!  If Allah is the  one true God, how come the tiny nation of Israel has humiliatingly defeated Islamic forces repeatedly for over 50 years!  If, as some liberal Muslims claim, Muhammad respected the 'people of the book' and taught that Allah was the only true God and the God worshipped by Jews and Christians, why does Islam repeatedly attack Israel and is now attacking the US - the nation that saved its 'holy cities' from an Islamic aggressor?!

The Gulf War saw the embarrassing spectacle of the Emir of Kuwait appealing to the UN!
An Islamic nation was appealing to a world of infidels to help rescue it from another Islamic nation, which was at that moment plundering, raping and torturing. Moreover, the hypocritical Emir of Kuwait was a feudal monarch who, prior to Iraq's invasion, had muzzled the press and jailed human rights activists. In exchange for UN liberation of Kuwait, the Emir had to listen to pressure from the UN to yield to democratic rule.  Little changed after the Gulf War but, logically, change must come to the Arab world.  The West never totally woke up to the fact that six Arab families ruling from feudal thrones controlled about 50 percent of the world's oil reserves and much of their money has funded Islamic extremists.  It is not just bin Laden and his family who support Islamic terrorists.  Hopefully God will use this horror to reduce the power of Islam and remove those who pose as Christian leaders.  The pressure of world opinion and growing grass-roots movements in those countries may be used to force new freedom and rights for citizens.  Some kind of democracy  must come to the Arab world - although it is never going to be more than the lip service that we see in corrupt Britain and the USA.  At best it will mimic the communist world which has swapped an Ahab for his corrupt son, Ahaziah as they veered from Lenin-worship towards Mafia-type regimes!  We should expect little more than for this next step to weaken Islam's fanatical hold so that Muslims will also become part of the coming anti-Christ's empire and religion.

As the collapse of communism has provided greater opportunity for the gospel to be made known and received by many in Eastern Europe, so the coming upheavals in the Arab world will bring similar opportunities. After centuries of almost no response to the gospel, thousands of Muslims (particularly in the stronghold of Indonesia) are now coming to Christ as a result of facing some of the serious shortcomings and contradictions in Islam. It promises heaven, but offers no assurance of getting there, except by death in Holy War. As in Catholicism, where nothing is ever enough to keep one out of the entirely un-Biblical purgatory, so in Islam one never knows whether enough prayers have been said, enough alms given, or enough 'good deeds' done to get you into Paradise.

Confronted at last by some of the embarrassing questions about Islam, the faith of many Muslims will be shaken despite the bravado of youth.  Let them try and answer these questions: 

  • Why did Muhammad with his supposed 'new revelation' give his God the same name, Allah, as the chief idol in the kaaba, the ancient pagan temple at Mecca?

  • And why, although he destroyed the idols which it housed, did Muhammad retain the kaaba itself as a sacred shrine?

  • And why did he keep and continue to revere the Black Stone that had long been worshipped alongside the idols in the ancient religious ceremonies of Mecca'?

  • And why do Muslims consider the kaaba holy and kiss its Black Stone as an important part of their pilgrimage to Mecca?

Islam can no longer deny that their religion has perpetuated a barbaric medieval mentality. Surely they recognize that the continued taking of hostages and the frequent spectacle on television of crazed mobs screaming:
'Jihad!  Jihad! Jihad! 'Death to Bush!' and 'Death to the United States!' does not encourage Western viewers to put much confidence in a 'peaceful Arab solution' to problems in the Middle East.  Salman Rushdie reminded Islam of the truth about her prophet [see the letter to the Daily Mail], had a price put on his head by Islam's foremost leader, and had to go into hiding to save his life from Muslim assassins. Are Arabs proud of such barbarism and do they feel that it commends Islam to the world?  They may feel superior to the hedonistic West, but how do they think the rest of the world views their treating women like chattels so that they can beat any of their four wives and unlimited concubines and divorce them merely by pronouncing it done as the Koran decrees?  Jesus corrected the errors of the Pharisees on this point (Matthew 19:3-12). Their religion reflects the hardness of heart that believes Muhammad's teachings - accept Islam or die.  Why is Islam still in the Dark Ages?  Surely the time for change has come!

Jesus specifically declared that Israel would accept the anti-Christ!

Unfortunately, the pressure for change has already brought a growing openness to ecumenism that is preparing the Muslim world to embrace the anti-Christ. This attitude was expressed by M. A. Zaki Badawi, principal of the Moslem College of London, while in attendance at the August, 1990, San Francisco Assembly of the World Religions. In response to Sun Myung Moon's announcement that he was the new world Messiah, Badawi made this interesting comment:
'We don't accept Rev. Moon as Messiah, but we respect his vision of bringing the world's religions together.'  The next step will be so much easier for,  after September 11th, CNN brought together Christian spokesmen with Islamic and Jewish scholars and this same idea was proposed.

Satan's 'messiah' will have incredible powers that neither Moon nor any of the other lightweight anti-Christ's can display. We have already noted that Jesus specifically declared that Israel would accept the anti-Christ. It is no longer so difficult to imagine that, with a little more preparation, Muslims, too, will be able to embrace and even worship the counterfeit 'Christ' while still professing allegiance to Islam. For Islam's Allah, after all, is not the God of the Bible that Muhammad claimed him to be.

Events are moving rapidly. God in His grace is allowing great opportunities to share the gospel for the last minute gathering in of communists, Muslims and others who have not heard it (
Luke 14:21-23).  God wants Christians to reap this harvest quickly, for the time is short, but the church has been severely weakened by compromise of Ahab-Jehoshaphat proportions.  But Christ's coming for His church is very near.  This current struggle brings the end all the nearer.  Let us cry to God that true believers would today hear His trumpet call to repentance and prayer.  Pray, too, for Israel to realise that this is a true Trumpet call, for the 'anti-terror' coalition of nations will bring even more persecution to her.  Our prayer is that many will hear the call and come to the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, and Christians will live and witness for Him to His glory more faithfully and joyfully than ever!

Know the reality of eternity in heaven by believing on Jesus Christ as your Lord & Saviour!

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