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Savage Wolves!

What on earth is wrong with the Christian Church today? - 62-65a

62. Beware those who have 'a word' - but which doesn't tie up with

Unidentified speaker :  Now this is a word that I had a few days after receiving the letter…But it's actually from Galatians 5v15-18:  (Amplified Version) (stumbling over the reading): 'but if you bite and devour one another, i.e. in partisan strife, be careful that you do not - that you, and your whole fellowship, do not be consumed by one another.  But I say,  walk and live habitually in the Holy Spirit, responsive and controlled and guided by the Spirit.  Then you will certainly not gratify the cravings and desires of the flesh of the human nature without God.  But the desires of the flesh are opposed to the Spirit, and the desires of the Holy Spirit are opposed to the flesh.  Godless, em, Godless human nature - for these are, um, excuse me, I can't read my own writing!  These are counteractive with each other, continually understanding and in conflict with one another so that you are not free, but are prevented from doing what you desire to do.  But if you are guided and led by the Holy Spirit, you are not subject to the law.'

And we all have different opinions and what have you, but there's only two people that signed that letter. And so we've all got our own opinions and if we have anything to say we've got our mouths to say it with. And we can all speak in love and that's the one thing that we all do need.  And I have noticed, through all the years I've been a member here, that there is love within this fellowship  and there is caring - so let's bring that forward.

It is certainly true that 'we all have different opinions', even in orthodox churches, over minor matters.  But these were not minor matters and they exist because of Biblical ignorance which prevented anyone in 'authority' from challenging the 'pastor' - as these Scriptures make clear:  Romans 16:17-18; 1 Tim. 1v3f.; 1 Tim. 6:3-10).  They were serious in every way, both doctrinally and in the outworking of those doctrines that were contrary to Scripture and behind the abuse mêted out by Wheelhouse.  As stated elsewhere: wrong doctrine leads to wrong behaviour. A great pity that the liberal wimps in the church today hold the Bible in such low regard. If it was otherwise these things would not be seen in the church.

When there is little Unity in the Spirit there will be 'different opinions.'  When
'we've all got our own opinions' and they are based on this view: 'if we've got anything to say we've got our mouths to say it,' if we know the Bible well then we can easily recognise a view that is un-Scriptural and gives clear evidence of the carnal mind at work. Unfortunately for this speaker, there are many who agreed with much of the letter, because they knew that it revealed the truth.  The love spoken of in Calvary Baptist Church is partial, i.e. there are a few who will go out of their way to feed the homeless, give lifts to the disabled, and help those unable to look after themselves, etc, but, as a rule, the practical love demonstrated is not more than I have experienced in the Mormon church, and we wouldn't pretend for a minute that the good works of a cult will get anyone into heaven.  More importantly, does the church portray that they 'love the Lord your God with all their heart, and with all their soul, and with all their mind'?  According to the witness to Wheelhouse's tenure in Calvary Baptist Church, does the church stand resolutely for the truth of the Word of God, the Lord Jesus Christ?]

63. Beware when sheep are no longer shepherded but savaged by a wolf

Tricia Wiltshire (former pastoral worker and deacon) :  That's very much what I wanted to say. What I've been concerned about is that the pastoral care in the church seems to have been dissipated. My feeling is - well, Scripture says, that we are a body that we care for one another - body ministry. That doesn't appear to have been encouraged. I have no particular gripe against Roger and Sue. I haven't had much dealings with them really. But I have picked up some people who have been hurt - when there have been problems that have been inappropriately dealt with or not dealt with and people who've found it very difficult to continue coming here. That concerns me. Um, because I've been around here for 20 odd years and Calvary's been a church where people have been welcomed, cared for, people get to know them. And I've noticed very markedly over the last 18 months that has not been happening.  For example at the last baptismal service  somebody was baptised and Howard held his towel and we were told that it was because he didn't have anybody else in the fellowship who knew him.  That's not good enough. Why wasn't he introduced to people?  Why wasn't a group put round him so that people knew who he was? I didn't even know he was being baptised until that morning. So it was very difficult to pray for the service because we just weren't aware of what was happening. There has been a breakdown in communication, there has been a breakdown of love and I've seen it underneath. It's going on. But it's against the odds in a way. And I do think that's got to be put right.  We've got to have encouragement of that from the top. And the body ministry - people  who are gifted in this area being allowed to exercise those gifts which God has given them.


[This is clear testimony to the damage done by Satan through the Wheelhouse's.  They damaged the body Ministry of the church from top to bottom and insisted that they were running everything - and the results were obvious.  But still much of the membership insisted they should remain at Calvary Baptist Church! How blindly arrogant.  In his evening sermon of Easter Sunday, 12th April 1998, Wheelhouse had this to say on counselling:

".....the best way of counseling is to draw out - because - let's hear the persons' interpretation - come to pray with people, and you've probably noticed that, if you've been in hospital you notice it - and if your in a home you notice it.  So often I say to you - what do
you want me to pray.  We did this last week some of us who went to some of our ladies for the Holy Communion.  And we said to them - cos it's so easy to go to see somebody that's alone and in their house, whose husband died years ago, and I can go in and I can assume I know what their problem is - 'Loneliness' - I know what their problem is 'Fear'.  We'll pray for you, we'll pray that you won't be lonely, we'll pray that you won't be in fear' - and the person sitting there say's 'I haven't got a problem with loneliness...I'm not afraid.' And they're crying out with a real problem which we never touch 'cos we never ask them.  You tell me - what would you like me to pray for you - what is your need - let's pray into the situation. And I think that's a good bit of advice for me to say to any of you when you're counseling at all - because this was the Jesus method.  You tell me - because as people start to talk you hear - their belief system, you hear what they believe, you hear what they understand about belief.  You hear what they understand about situations - and then you can move into that situation and help them.  You tell me says Jesus - what things?  He knew what things!"

This was Wheelhouse's claim concerning his ministering to our sick and elderly.  But according to the elderly, who formerly received pastoral care from the church, they had to tolerate Wheelhouse talking about himself while the real pastoral workers, who cared about those who were dear to the fellowship, had been forced out this ministry!  Wheelhouse showed his contempt for those who he felt were insignificant, and for the elderly, in many different ways.]

64.  Beware rejection of Mr Grace and marriage to Mr Wolf

Kathie Davies :  I think I'm flitting about a bit really - going back to what Neil said - um, I'm touching on what Graham said earlier. I do really feel that God brought Roger to this church.  Um, I've been a member here for nearly nine years and been to lots of church meetings where elders and deacons have been elected and, knowing what a diverse bunch of people we are - and Graham mentioned - and this is just a very, very strong feeling to me - when I remember that weekend when Roger came to preach with a view and I feel he was very open and honest with us that weekend. He allowed us to see himself as he was and I must admit I came to that meeting where we discussed and voted whether he was the minister for us. I didn't really have the faith to believe  that, as a church, we would call him.  I thought that, perhaps, he would be a bit controversial for us, as a church - or, or - whatever. And I honestly came to that meeting and I thought, 'Lord, I don't know whether Calvary can be of one mind on this - and I was completely and utterly overwhelmed by the majority. And I can only come away from that meeting and feel very strongly that God wanted Roger here - that the hand of God was at work that evening.  And I do believe that very firmly.  And then Roger came among us - and I'm not naïve enough to - I realise that there are lots of problems that different people have.  Um, that there are people who've been offended and, and whatever.  And yet I believe that we have to deal with the fact that God called Roger to be our minister and that, as a church, we need to support him and we need to love him and each other. And I think if this was a marriage relationship and we realised, two years in, well this person doesn't seem to be the person I thought they were - what do we say? That we just walk away from the marriage?  I don't believe that. I believe that we need to work at it. And there are things - there are obviously issues and difficulties that people have - that the deacons have - the issues of pastorate - of pastoral care, as Tricia's just said. I do agree with lots of things that people say but I think that these are things that we need to work at and things that people who have been hurt or have problems and have kept them to themselves and those things need to have been shared and talked though with Roger - if they've had a problem. I feel that it's very sad that we've come  to this place today and - and that we're in this situation and that, you know, I believe that we need to work these things through and that we can - with God's grace - that um, um - that we can work these things through. If we're all of a mind to do that.

[Again, we have a testimony of
'feelings.'  There is no evidence of God speaking clearly and declaring this man to be His choice, yet, just like the choice of king Saul, the people wanted a man who 'looked right' for the part.  Just as Saul 'looked like a king' - he had the stature and appearance of a king, even when he hid amongst the baggage (1 Samuel 10:22) - they still dragged him forward and insisted on crowning him.  Wheelhouse gave the 'appearance' of being a pastor and of being open and honest in his outward demeanour and yet, hidden in his baggage, were deceptions he had carried with him for many years.  But his posturing performances in the pulpit - as he attempted to push forward the 'Toronto/Pensacola/Brownsville/Sunderland experiences' - showed his penchant for heretical movements.  When he came to the church to 'preach with a view' (to accepting the pastorate), he said just one thing of note when he gave this account of his experience at his previous church:  'When I arrived at the church a deacon came to me and said, "I've been at this church for years and I'm really fed up with the way it's going.  If you haven't sorted it out in three months, then I'm off."  You wouldn't do that to me, would you?' Through this single statement God showed my wife, Zoë, that this man was a bully!  Yet there is nothing outwardly revealed from this statement.  It even sounds like the appeal of a gentle and reasonable man who is fearful of being hurt by other people.  Who was right?  More than 99% of the Calvary Baptist Church membership - or one person in the church who has been shown to have a genuine gift from God?  These spiritual gifts can only be tested by Scripture and history as it comes to pass.  Zoë would never defend what God has given her, but I will say clearly that every 'word' received by a Christian should be tested (1 Thessalonians  5:19-21) regardless of their position in the body or the family, and Zoë has never been wrong in anything she has pointed out to Calvary Baptist Church as a 'word' she has had from God.  The facts prove it.

When Cathie makes a comparison with marriage how do you react?  Are you content to be the bride of Christ looking for the Bridegroom and being treated with the Love of a True Bridegroom?  Or would you prefer the anti-Christ bridegroom who is a savage wolf and shows no real love to the church, but imitates love when it suits his manipulative purposes?
About ten years ago a mission initiative called 'Action in Mission' (AIM) was introduced into the church.  This was a Baptist Union 'project' designed to find the strengths of the church so that Mission to evangelise could be planned.  Two people in the church objected to the project.  One of them was Zoë!  When she told Kevin Dare that she was certain that it was dishonouring to God to go ahead with gathering statistics in this way, Kevin told her: 'For every Scripture you can show me supporting your case, I can show you one supporting the opposite view.'  When you examined the document, purporting to be searching for answers to the problems of the church, they came right out of the District Overseers Guide to Leading the Kingdom Hall (of Jehovah's Witnesses!).  Gone was the call to prayer and fasting, despite the clear call in Scripture (
Ac 13:2; 14:23).  Zoë asked many questions of the survey - none of which were answered.

When you examine the methods of the Jehovah's Witnesses you find that it takes them an average of about 150 weeks of witnessing work (at 30-40 hours per week!)  to gain ONE baptised convert. Of course, at Pentecost and after, when true Christians were relying on the Holy Spirit, they gained 3,000 converts in one day (
Acts 2:41).  We wouldn't expect the Jehovah's Witnesses to make many converts, because God the Holy Spirit will not work for an heretical cult which insults the God of Grace by calling Him an "it", insisting the Father is called "Jehovah" (despite zero evidence for this name) and supplants the "name above all other names," Jesus, with Jehovah.  If you follow this pattern and omit the Holy Spirit to rely on man's methods, how many converts do you make to Calvary Baptist Church using 'Action In Mission'?  Could anyone name one new disciple brought about by AIM?  Until the church cleans its act up and stops behaving like the world and its cults we will continue to die.

When this same church began to plan to renew their church building it followed a period of involvement with the 'renowned' David Pawson who came to the church and proceeded to give this word, which he never clearly affirmed as coming from God, but inferred that it
was His leading: 'There will either follow a period of unprecedented unity or unprecedented division.'  I wondered then how anyone could take him seriously, for a fence-sitting position like this really means nothing!  Heads I win, tails you lose?  When he recently came out with his "Toronto is an amber light - proceed with caution" statement, it merely confirmed the lack of discernment he had already revealed.  Yet the church in Britain as a whole still hasn't learned a lesson from vacillating leaders who are not really hearing from God and who adopt an "Eli attitude" when they are warned about deception.  They treat other leaders in the same way Eli treated the abhorrent Hophni and Phineas - and the result will be the loss of their ark on earth, for they made an idol of posessions rather than worshipping God 'in Spirit and in truth' (John 4:24).  Do you ever wonder why churches in Wales are closing at the rate of one a week?  The serious questioning over the massive outlay on the Calvary Baptist Church buildings was led by two people who said, very clearly, that there was a lack of vision over the building project - that God had not made it clear he wanted this work to go ahead.  One gifted man who clearly loves God, Tony Ford, was insulted by the elders who refused to believe that he was hearing from God and he challenged them to show that, if it was not God speaking to him, then who was giving him these words, 'Satan?'  They couldn't answer this because they were clearly not hearing from God.  Sadly, Tony left - and what resulted?  My wife, Zoë, also opposed the outlay on the building, even appealing to humour by suggesting that the church was like the man who escaped from a shipwreck to an island and found a life-boat on the beach - so he chopped it up to make a raft!

You could argue that the buildings needed refurbishment, but the body of Christ needed far more work than the building and little was done about the spiritual immaturity of the people, as events proved.  The church refurbished, the numbers dropped,  the elders were removed from power in a ludicrous move contrary to the Word of God, the church was seriously weakened - and the Wheelhouse's arrived!  Was the church, as a whole, really
ever hearing from God?  What do these facts prove about the decisions made by pastors, elders and deacons over the years we attended the church.  They refurbished the church despite clear warnings from members of the body who had the gifts to hear clearly from God. They forced out one of these people by insulting him and inferring that he was hearing from Satan and not God.  They went ahead and re-invented the wheel to build a church with lower seating capacity so that, if God was planning a 'revival' for Calvary Baptist Church, people would have nowhere to sit!  If they had listened to God first they would have heard that He wanted to deal with the people in the church first.  When will western Christians learn?  Former pastor, Byron Jones, once condemned a church that rejected a young American pastor who was working out of Calvary Baptist Church - 'I believe the Lord has written 'Ichabod' ('the glory has departed' - ref.  1 Samuel 4:21)  above that church'.  How it would pain him to find the state that his former church has fallen into - will 'Ichabod' one day be written over the door of Calvary Baptist Church, too?  The evidence from other churches here in Wales is clear - one chapel closes every week!  The Brierley Report informs us that church attendance has fallen 22% since the un-Scriptural Alpha Course began - and Calvary Baptist Church also embraced the Alpha Course!]

65.  Beware those who put their position before truth and their  neighbour!

Nesta Bowen (deacon): I don't particularly want to go back over what people have said. But Neil spoke, and Derek has spoken, very much on what has been on my heart and I can only come as an individual deacon to you tonight. Um, and I can only say that if I need to ask for your forgiveness for the times when, maybe, I've not been as strong and as forceful as I may have needed to be - then I do need to ask your forgiveness. But I do know, and I do echo, what Neil has said - about the fact that so many people sent letters to the church secretary requesting this meeting that it just had to happen. And I also want to emphasise the fact that there have been times in the deacon's meetings - and I'm not making excuses -  I'm just saying things as it happened in the context in the confidentiality of deacons meetings - that there have been times when concerns have been brought to Roger and we've been told quite clearly 'This is not the place to unpack my sermons.' And, because I was the person who did that the last time, I was very hurt by that. And I was very angry, believe me - and I'm not the sort of person who gets very angry easily as those  who know me will agree - I hope. But I got over that. I was able to put that anger, and that hurt aside, and I'm hoping that the, um, what's the right word?  Whatever it is between Roger and I now, it is healed. I don't know whether he realised how hurt and angry I was at that time. And I know my brother and sister deacons understood. But, saying that, I have tried to put that behind me so that any hurts and upsets that I have received I can put on one side - that I can come to this meeting and coolly, and calmly, listen to others and be part of a meeting so that  every thing that is done is done in a loving and a constructive fashion.  That I think is the most important thing. That God's love is evident in this meeting from everyone who speaks.

[The plea for forgiveness is uncertain:  'if I need to ask for your forgiveness for the times when, maybe, I've not been as strong and as forceful as I may have needed to be - then I do need to ask your forgiveness.'  This is Roman Catholic faith - never really admitting error, but using 'if', and 'maybe' to avoid admitting being in error.  Examples of apparent regret and seeming repentance were given by Dr J. L.  Williams, at the 1989, Tell Wales training seminars: 'A women is 'groped' by a man in a lift.  Since no one else is in the lift with her it is rather obvious who did it!  When challenged about the indecency the man replies: 'My hand moved away from me. If it was my hand that touched you I am sorry.'  Dr Williams speaks Spanish and his testimony was that in Spanish speaking Mexico, when you drop something, you say, 'It fell away from me!'  There is no accountability, caused by years of corrupt Roman Catholic indoctrination.  This is another sign of pride and arrogance and lack of love for God's Word.  If you are going to play at being a leader then you should take responsibility for making judgements.  If we say 'so many people sent letters to the church secretary requesting this meeting that it just had to happen", aren't we ignoring the fact that we invited people to demand the meeting both in our single page covering letter and in answer to people's questions by 'phone and face to face.  That was the whole point of writing the letter - to demand that the church should make a judgement of Roger Wheelhouse's ministry, because nothing was going to continue to happen otherwise!  Again, Nesta witnesses, as a deacon, that Roger refused to let deacons "unpack sermons."  Why?  What is there to fear from honest assessment of sermons preached to the public?  Why attempt to over-ride the Scriptural examination of 'all things.' (Acts 17:11; 1 Thess 5:21)  Nesta confessed: "because I was the person who did that the last time, I was very hurt by that.  And I was very angry, believe me - and I'm not the sort of person who gets very angry easily as those who know me will agree - I hope."  Debatable?  I've seen pride and anger displayed over trivial things.  Unfortunately the testimony makes it clear that Nesta decided to bury her hurts without ever going to Wheelhouse Scripturally (Matthew 18:15-17) - which you might say is understandable when you witness his behaviour and know that he is going to continue to ignore Scripture as it suits him.  Nesta states: "But I got over that. . .  I was able . . .  I'm hoping . . . I have tried.  This was never discussed with Wheelhouse, was it?  If it had been we would not be reading:  "Whatever it is between Roger and I now, it is healed. I don't know whether he realised how hurt and angry I was at that time."  If you have truly "sorted" out problems between two Christians you have put everything that was between you on the table and you're both going to know what the problem was really about.

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