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4. Daniel ...

6th November, 2005

Re: "The TRUTH about the 'accuracy' of the BOOK OF MORMON"

I just finished reading your article "The TRUTH about the 'accuracy' of the BOOK OF MORMON" and found it to be quite excellent. I am the teenage son of a Mormon bishop and have been in the process for several years now of gathering evidence with which to discredit the church.  Anyway, besides complimenting you on your well-written article, I wanted to take you up on the offer to get a copy of the Wilford Wood letter. Also, I was wondering if you knew where to find documentation of the ban on the sale of the book and whether or not the LDS church still upholds that ban? A quick search on Deseret Book's website shows the book for sale in 2 volumes, each for $19.20.

See this link: http://deseretbook.com/authors/author-info?author_id=10179>  [link no longer works]

Thank you!

Daniel ...


8th November, 2005 - TCE replies:

Dear Daniel

thank you for your comments.

Briefly, the Wilford Wood letter - and associated material - is found in Jerald and Sandra Tanner's work:
'The Case Against Mormonism', Volume 1, page 52 - see attached file [below on this website page].

It would appear that the Mormon leadership retreated from its initial stance under David O. McKay and the books became available again.

The Tanner's may have incorporated more of the abundance of material they have uncovered, concerning this matter and other errors, in other books (see their website - ref. our

You do not mention your personal beliefs and, regarding your faith and the discrediting of the church, we hope you are aware of the following important factors:

* most Mormons will reject even massively damaging material as 'anti-Mormon';
* the Mormon 'testimony' is the main 'defence' against all damaging facts;
* you must be very ready for the persecution that will come against you - even from your own family;
* only faith in the Biblical Lord Jesus Christ will give you the strength to cope with revealing the truth and resulting persecution;
* it is also vital to convince Mormons to replace the LDS 'Jesus' with the Biblical Lord Jesus Christ - simply destroying their faith in Joseph Smith and his works without replacing him with the real Jesus will simply result in a lost eternity for them.

We will be praying for you.

In Christ Jesus


We sent page 52 from the Tanner's work - 'The Case Against Mormonism', Volume 1 [part of an extensive exposé of the massive number of embarrassing contradictions, false doctrines, unacknowledged amendments, cover-ups - and threats against those who revealed these facts!]

Below - and on the next two pages - we enclose photocopies of the pages (51-56) forming part of the exposé regarding Wilford Wood's work which revealed the truth about Joseph Smith's supposedly '100% correct translation' of the Book of Mormon:

Use the magnification settings of your browser if you have difficulties reading these photocopies (bottom right in Internet Explorer - 150% may be sufficient)

Know the reality of eternity in heaven by believing on Jesus Christ as your Lord & Saviour!

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Follow forward link to see pages 53ff.

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