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Amy Methvin

In a dream, I was walking along alone, really sort of feeling sorry for myself in this wilderness journey that the Lord has me in.  I really wanted to find some like-minded believers to fellowship with.  All of a sudden I walked up on a group of 20 or so people who were claiming that they had the 'real' right doctrine on the rapture.  They were telling me that the rapture was coming any minute and that I needed to join them and be ready.  I thought about it for a minute and decided that it would not hurt to just listen to their point of view, seeing as I have gone down a few wrong rabbit trails before, maybe I should be open minded and just listen.  I told them that I used to be a pre-trib believer, but was now post-trib.  They again excitedly told me that the rapture would come very soon. 

Very shortly I felt this shaking and we began to slowly lift off the ground.  Immediately it was dark and I could not see anything.  They all started screaming, 'Yippee, wahooo hooo, I told you; it's the rapture!!!!!!!' We were going up, but something did not seem right to me; it seemed too slow.  I tried to open my eyes but I could not.  Finally, I was able to open them, but something was over my face.  I reached to pull it off.  It was wrapped around my whole head.  It would not let go, even though I was able to pull it slightly off of one eye. 
It was a huge black bat!!! Terrified, I immediately knew that we were not going to heaven as the people thought, but were being taken to hell.  I immediately screamed the name of JESUS.  The bat disintegrated and I began to float back down to the ground. 

Somewhat relived, I knew that I had to tell my husband of the deception, so I started to scream his name.  As I did I felt my heart go into cardiac arrest. 
I was having a massive heart attack that I don't think I was going to survive.  As I lay there I knew I had been saved from hell but the deception was going to cost me my life.  End of dream. 

Note from David: This seems to be saying two things.  Those in the strong delusion of the pre-trib rapture believe that they don't need trial and refining through tribulation to bear fruit and enter heaven.  Being blinded by this demon doctrine they will believe this all the way through the tribulation and will not bear fruit, ending up in hell.  Also for those who find out that it was a lie too late, it will cost them their lives for they did not prepare to endure the trial of their faith in the wilderness because they didn't think it necessary.

Because of our site many pre-tribbers have sent me their imminent pre-trib rapture revelations for years.  I tell them that this is a deception and it won't happen but even though the timing comes and goes and I am proven correct they send me the next imminent pre-trib rapture revelation and it is also proven to be a lie.  No matter how many times they are lied to they continue to believe it because it permits them to live as they like and enter heaven regardless of what the Word says.  This is proof that this is a strong delusion to keep them from bearing fruit. 

Dear friends, please examine what the Word has to say about the Rapture: {2 Thes.2
v1} Now we beseech you, brethren, touching the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and our gathering together unto him; {2} to the end that ye be not quickly shaken from your mind, nor yet be troubled, either by spirit, or by word, or by epistle as from us, as that the day of the Lord is just at hand; {3} let no man beguile you in any wise: for [it will not be,] except the falling away come first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.)

TCE: we should, indeed, 'examine what the Word has to say about the Rapture':

The Rapture

At least seven years before He sets His feet on planet Earth once again, Jesus Christ will descend from heaven.  The bodies of Christians who have died during the Church Age will then be resurrected to join their spirits, already with the Lord.  Church Age believers who are still alive will follow with new, glorified bodies.  Both will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air.  All of this will happen in a moment, as quickly as the twinkling of an eye.

This event is known as
the Rapture.  The primary texts describing it are John 14v1-3; 1 Corinthians 15v50-52; and 1 Thessalonians 4v13-18.  (For non-church raptures, see Genesis 5v24; 2 Kings 2v11; Hebrews 11v5; Revelation 11v12.)

The word rapture is not in the English Bible.  It is derived from the Latin translation of 'caught up,' found in 1 Thessalonians 4
v17.  Both the Latin and the original Greek word mean 'to snatch or take something away by seizing it suddenly.'

Both resurrected and living believers in Jesus Christ are snatched in this Thessalonian passage!

Even though the Church Age, or Age of Grace, does not technically end until the Second Coming of Jesus, the true church - the Body of Christ - will be raptured before then.  The results are these:
(1) Through the Rapture, Jesus will receive His bride (the church), which will forever remain with Him.
(2) The church's salvation will become experientially complete by the glorification of each person's body.
(3) The
'fullness of the Gentiles' will have come in, opening the way for God to continue His program with the nation of Israel (Acts 15v14; Rom.  11v25). 
(4) The Holy Spirit's ministry of baptizing individual Jews and Gentiles into the Body of Christ will cease.
(5) The church's stewardship for this age - walking under the control of the Holy Spirit, making disciples, and preserving the faith - will end. 
People will still become saved during the subsequent Tribulation, but they will not be part of the unique, spiritual union known as the Body of Christ.
With the true church gone, only a false, apostate church will remain on this earth.

There is
strong evidence the Rapture will take place before the Tribulation.  For example, Scripture says the church is to be delivered from the 'wrath to come' because God has not destined the church for wrath (1 Thess.  1v10; 5v9).  Since God pours out His wrath during the entire seven-year Tribulation, the church will be raptured before it.  (See also Revelation 3v10; also note the church's conspicuous absence from the earth in Revelation 4-18.)

Also, the writers of the New Testament believed the Lord could return at any moment, without precursory signs (Phil.  4
v5; Titus 2v13; James 5v8-9).

The Tribulation completes the remaining seven years of Daniel's 70-weeks prophecy for Israel (Dan.  9
v24-27).  Since God's programs for Israel and the church are distinct, it is fitting that the church be removed before God's program for Israel begins anew.

The Tribulation

More than 37 million people died during World War I and another 62 million died in World War II, but these numbers are miniscule compared to the billions who will perish during Earth's most traumatic days (Mt.  24
v21).  This future holocaust occurs during the final seven years of Daniel's 70-weeks prophecy (Dan.  9v24-27), or what could be called the dark portion of the Day of the Lord (Amos 5v18).

This period is often referred to as the Tribulation. 
Scripture calls the last three and one-half years the 'time of Jacob's trouble' and the 'great tribulation' (Jer.  30v7; cf.  Dan.  12v1; Rev.  7v14).

The Tribulation probably does not immediately follow the Rapture.  The last seven years of Daniel's prophecy will officially begin when 'the prince who is to come' (the Anti-christ) makes a covenant with many from the nation of Israel (Dan.  9v27).  The Tribulation ends immediately prior to the Second Coming of Christ (Mt.  24v29-30).

Between the Rapture and the making of the covenant is an interlude of unknown duration during which: the apostate church remains on Earth, the Holy Spirit as restrainer is removed, and the Anti-christ is revealed and begins rising to power by overthrowing three kings and making a temporary alliance with the apostasy (Dan.  7v24; 2 Thess.  2v7; Rev.  17v1-6).

The purpose of the Tribulation is to glorify God through His righteous judgments for mankind's failure in the dispensation of grace.  These
judgments, worldwide in scope, will be disseminated in the form of seven seals, seven trumpets, and seven bowls (Rev.  6v1; 8v2; 15v7).

They will reveal the true, depraved nature of fallen man.  Although
multitudes will believe the gospel during this time, the vast majority will refuse to receive God's justice with brokenness and repentance (Revelation 9v20-21).  Instead, most people will become more obstinate and rebellious, demonstrating that God is righteous in punishing them (Revelation 16v5-7, 9).

The Tribulation has other purposes, as well.  Regarding Israel, it completes the 70-weeks prophecy that pertains only to Israel and the city of Jerusalem (Dan.  9
v24).  The'time of Jacob's trouble' will bring Israel to a point of repentance (Dt.  4v30), leading to the nation's salvation and restoration in the Kingdom (Ezek.  36).

It will also manifest and destroy the world's final Gentile empire. 
The 'times of the Gentiles,' which began with Nebuchadnezzar's Babylon, will be consummated (Dan.  2v40-41; Lk.  21v24).  God will use the final attack on Israel and Jerusalem as an opportunity to bring judgment and destruction on the godless nations of the world (Zech.  12v3, 9).

the Tribulation will end the Church Age, or Age of Grace; and God will use the Anti-christ and his 10 cohorts to destroy the apostate church (Rev.  17v16-17).

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ is one of the cardinal doctrines of the Christian faith. 
It is sometimes confused with the Rapture of the church.  However, there are distinctions between the two.

The Rapture occurs before the Tribulation. 
The Second Coming takes place after the Tribulation and before the Millennium. 
The Rapture will be instantaneous and invisible to the naked eye. 
The Second Coming will be gradual and visible to all. 

At the Rapture, believers will meet the Lord in the air.  At the Second Coming, believers come with the Lord to the earth.  At the Rapture, Jesus Christ descends only as far as Earth's atmosphere. 
At the Second Coming, Christ sets His feet on planet Earth.

Certain events will take place after the Tribulation but before the Messiah returns (Mt.  24
v29-30).  There will be great cosmic disturbances.  The sign of Jesus Christ will appear in heaven.  Individuals from every people group around the globe will mourn, including those from Israel, from the realization that Jesus truly is the Messiah (Zech.  12v10).  Some will mourn with the sorrow that leads to repentance, while others will mourn out of regret (2 Cor.  7v10).

Finally, all people still alive after the Tribulation will clearly see the Messiah descend from heaven on the clouds.  He will be riding a white horse, followed by the armies of heaven (Rev.  19v11, 14).  Jesus' return will be literal, physical, and visible; thus He will return in the same manner and to the exact place from which He was taken into heaven (Zech.  14v4; Acts 1v11).

The Second Coming of Christ will accomplish numerous purposes of God.  It will officially close the Church Age, or Age of Grace:

It will fulfill prophecies concerning
the great and terrible Day of the Lord (Joel 2v11; Mal.  4v5). 
It will be the occasion on which
the Messiah rescues and fights for Israel (Zech.  14v2-3). 
It will be the occasion on which
the Messiah, with His heavenly Kingdom, will smash the final manifestation of Gentile world power (Dan.  2v34, 44). 
It will also be the occasion on which
Satan's rule over the earth, both personally and by proxy through the Anti-christ and False Prophet, will end (Rev.  19v20; 20v2).

Christ's Second Coming will also prepare Israel to enter His Kingdom.  The Jewish people will be gathered (fulfilling the prophetic aspect of the Feast of Trumpets), judged, cleansed (fulfilling the prophetic aspect of the Day of Atonement), regenerated, and established in their own land (Isa.  27v12-13; Ezek.  20v33-38; 36v25-28).  The surviving Gentiles will also be prepared to enter the Kingdom.  They, too, will be gathered and judged (Mt.  25v31-46).  Whether they be Jewish or Gentile, only those born again will enter the Messiah's Kingdom (John 3v3, 5).

The Millennium

The Millennium is the term used to refer to the final dispensation in human history, when mankind's stewardship will be to live in harmony with the risen, glorified Saviour. 
Despite Jesus' physical presence on Earth, however, sinful people will still rebel against Him (Rev.  20v7-8).  Fire from heaven will consume the rebels; and Satan will be cast into the Lake of Fire, concluding this final epoch in human history (v9-10).  When the Millennium ends and eternity begins, mortality will cease.  Thus there will be no further need for God-given managerial structures (i.e., dispensations) for mortal human stewards.

As with all dispensations, the purpose of the Millenium will be to glorify God.  His heavenly Kingdom will finally be established on the earth, once and for all (Zech.  14
v9).  His rule will be literal, material, and spiritual (spiritual does not equate with immaterial), administered by Jesus Christ who will reign from the throne of David in Jerusalem (Isa.  9v7; Ezek.  43v7). 

Jesus does not presently sit on the throne of David in heaven, as some claim.  Scripture says He sits at the right hand of the Father on His Father's throne until His Father makes Jesus' enemies a footstool for His feet (Ps.  110v1; Rev.  3v21). 

As pictured by the stone cut without hands in the book of Daniel, Jesus' Millennial Kingdom will not be man-made; it will come from God and will fill the entire earth (Dan.  2
v35, 44).  It will serve as the radiant portion of the Day of the Lord and will be characterized by peace, prosperity, and righteous judgment (Isa.  2v1-4; 11v1-10; Joel 3v18, 20; Amos 9v13).

Following the Millennium, there is a transition prior to the new heaven and new earth, during which the wicked are judged at the Great White Throne (Rev.  20v7-21v1).

God will also be glorified in the Millennium because all of the unilateral, eternal covenants He made with Israel will be brought to fruition (
Abrahamic - Gen.  12v1-3; Land - Ps.  105v8-11; Davidic - Ps.  89v3-4; New - Jer.  31v31-34). 
When Israel is restored to its place of blessing during this time, even the Gentiles will benefit (Zech.  8
v23; Rom.  11v12).

Finally, God will be glorified in the Millennium because it will be shown that despite an ideal environment, mankind will still rebel against God's rule, thus demonstrating God's righteousness in all His judgments (Isa.  11v4; Rev.  20v8-9).

Satan's Final War

The most
intense period of the continuing war between Satan and God will be the last seven years before Jesus the Messiah returns in His Second Coming to crush Satan and restore the theocratic Kingdom of God to the earth.

That seven-year period, called the Tribulation, will be the final phase of a unique program that God designed, not for the church, but specifically for Israel to bring it to repentance and reconciliation (Dan.  9v24, 27).  Consequently, the church will be raptured (removed) from the earth beforehand (Jn.  14v2-3; 1 Thess.  4v13-18).

Satan's Goals

Satan will have four purposes for these seven years:
(1) He will try to convert his invisible, spiritual kingdom-rule over the world system into a visible, political kingdom. 
Satan will take control of the ruler of a revived form of the Roman Empire, turning him into the Anti-christ who will become the king of his political kingdom (Dan.  7v8,19-25; 1 John 2v18).  At the beginning of the Tribulation, the Anti-christ will establish a binding, seven-year covenant with Israel, guaranteeing the nation's security (Dan.  9v27).
(2) Then Satan will try to destroy all testimony for God. 
Great multitudes will come to Christ during this period (Rev.  7), and Satan's Anti-christ will wage war against these saintsMany will be martyred (Dan.  7v21; Rev.  13v7; 20v4).
(3) He will try to destroy Israel. 
Since God will not crush Satan and restore His theocratic Kingdom until Israel as a nation repents of its rebellion against Him, Satan will try to annihilate Israel before it repents so that God will not crush him.  If He could accomplish that, he would win his war against God.

the Anti-christ takes control of Israel's Temple in the middle of the seven years, he will demand that he be worshipped.  He will turn against Israel and desolate it throughout the second half of the Tribulation (Dan.  9v27; Mt.  24v15-21; 2 Thess.  2v3-4).  Satan himself will attack Israel during that time (Rev.  12v9, 12-17).
Near the end of the seven years, Satan will play a key role in gathering the political leaders and armies of all Gentile nations to the land of Israel (Zech.12v2-3; Rev.  16v12-16), intending to use these armies to destroy Israel and to prevent Jesus the Messiah from returning to Earth at His Second Coming (Rev.  19v11-19).

God's Goals

God, too, will have four purposes for the Tribulation:

  1. His first purpose will be the salvation of many people (Rev.  7).
(2) Second, God will use that time to begin crushing Satan's kingdom.  Throughout the seven years, He will systematically bombard Satan's domain with three series of judgments (Rev.  6-18).

seventh trumpet judgment will unleash the final series of judgments that will culminate with (a) the Second Coming of Jesus the Messiah, (b) the complete end of Satan's rule over the world system, and (c) the restoration of the theocratic Kingdom of God.  Thus, when the seventh trumpet is sounded, God's creatures in heaven will exclaim, 'The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ [Messiah], and He shall reign forever and ever!' (Rev.  11v15).

God's rule through Jesus the Messiah will last for 1,000 years on this present earth and forever on the new, eternal earth.

(3) God will also play a key role in gathering the political leaders and armies of all Gentile nations to Jerusalem near the end of the seven years (Zech.  14
v1-2).  However, God will bring them for their judgment (Joel 3v9-16; Zeph.  3v8).  At His Second Coming, Jesus will destroy the political leaders and armies of Satan's kingdom (Zech. 14v3-4, 12-15; Rev.  19v11-21).
Finally, God will bring the nation of Israel into a right relationship with Him.  When Israel's back is to the wall and there is no nation it can appeal to for help, it will realize that God is its only hope for survival.  Its rebellion against God will be broken, and the nation will repent and cry out for Him to send the Messiah (Zech.  13v9).

In response,
God will send the resurrected, glorified Redeemer from heaven.  Zechariah12v10 says, 'They will look on Me whom they pierced.  Yes, they will mourn for Him as one mourns for his only son, and grieve for Him as one grieves for a firstborn.'

When the Jewish people see the resurrected, glorified Saviour come out of heaven with the wounds of His crucifixion in His resurrection body, they will repent.  The word repent refers to a change of mind and they will change their minds from rejection of Him to acceptance of Him as their Messiah and Saviour.  God will respond by cleansing them of their sin (Zech.  13v1).

Then Messiah will go to battle and destroy the leaders and armies of all the nations of the world (Zech.  14v3-4, 11-15; cf.  Rev.  19v11-21).  All members of Satan's kingdom living on Earth will be removed in judgment (Mt.  13v24-42, 47-50; 24v29-30, 37-41).  And Satan will be bound and imprisoned in the bottomless pit for 1,000 years (Rev.  20v1-3).

Then Messiah will restore God's theocratic Kingdom to the earth; and as God's representative (the last Adam),
He will administer God's rule over all the earthly province of God's universal Kingdom for 1,000 years on this present earth and forever on the new, eternal earth (Isa.  9v6-7; Dan.  7v13-14; Zech.  14v9, 16-21; Lk.  1v30-33; 1 Cor.  15v45; Rev.  20v4-6).

By doing all these things, God will fulfill His purpose for history: the glorifying of Himself by demonstrating that He alone is the sovereign God of the universe.

The Faithful Remnant of Israel

To most people, the word remnant means something that is left over.  Remnants ('leftovers') aren't usually thought of positively.

The Hebrew Old Testament uses several words to express the English word remnant.  Mostly they refer to 'things or people left over after famine, conquest, division, passage of time, etc.' Deuteronomy 3
v11 states, 'Only Og king of Bashan remained of the remnant of the giants,' and Nehemiah 1v3 speaks of 'the survivors who are left from the captivity.'

But other Scriptures use remnant in a positive sense, referring to a small group that is able to withstand the persecutions and temptations of the world and remain true to the one and only God. 
Although in each dispensation mankind has failed in its responsibility to glorify God, there have always been individuals who have sincerely loved and obeyed Him.  Such people are identified as the faithful remnant.

From the time recorded history began in Genesis, God has had people, usually a minority, who are fully devoted to Him.

Adam and Eve to Babylon

Noah.  From creation to the time of Noah, mankind followed the biblical command, 'Be fruitful and multiply' (Genesis 1v28).  Most people are familiar with the story of Cain and Abel.  Jealous of his brother, Cain killed Abel who had faith and who had offered 'a more excellent sacrifice' (Hebrews 11v4).

Although Earth's population grew, most people were evil.  However, Scripture says Enoch 'walked with God' and was spared death, 'for God took him' (Genesis 5
v24).  Those who remained faithful were, in fact, so few in number that finally 'the LORD was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart' (Genesis 6v6).  Noah and his family were the faithful remnant, and Noah preached repentance to a needy people for more than 100 years.  No one outside Noah's family responded.  And Noah's family alone was left over from a flood that devastated the entire world.

Abraham.  Abraham obeyed God, leaving his countrymen of idol worshippers in Ur to become the father of a nation called out by God (Genesis 12v1-2).  Later Abraham's nephew Lot and Lot's two daughters were the only ones rescued from God's judgment on Sodom.  The Lord would have spared the city had there been even 10 righteous people.  Lot and his daughters alone survived.

Moses.  While in the wilderness waiting for Moses' return from Mount Sinai, the children of Israel built an idol.  Angered by their infidelity and lack of restraint, Moses confronted them: 'Whoever is on the LORD'S side - come to me!' (Ex.  32v26).  That challenge was answered by a mere remnant, the tribe of Levi.  Of all the 12 tribes, only one identified with the Lord.

Joshua and Caleb.  One of the best known incidents regarding God's faithful remnant is in Numbers 14.  Moses sent 12 men to spy out the land of Canaan.  Only two, Joshua and Caleb, brought a positive report based on faith.  They alone believed God would bring them into the land despite the fact that they were weaker and smaller than the 'giants' who dwelled there.

Elijah.  The prophet Elijah thought he was the only true believer left in Israel during the days of King Ahab, and he fled for his life from Ahab's evil wife, Jezebel.  But God told Elijah, 'Yet I have reserved seven thousand in Israel, all whose knees have not bowed to Baal' (1 Ki.  19v18).  Though the Jewish people numbered in the millions, a faithful few stood apart.

Returnees From Babylon

Ezra 2 records that fewer than 50,000 Jews returned to their homeland from the Babylonian Captivity.  Led by Zerubbabel, Ezra, and Nehemiah, this remnant left behind an overwhelming majority of people who had made themselves comfortable in the lifestyle of a foreign land.

Through Christ and Beyond

John the Baptist - a Levite, the last of the Older Testament prophets, and part of a remnant of the faithful - cried out to his fellow Israelites, 'Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!' (Mt.  3v2).  Only a faithful few responded.

Simeon and Anna represented a faithful remnant of Jewish people waiting for the 'Consolation of Israel.' Simeon was given the privilege of holding the infant Yeshua (Hebrew for 'Jesus,' meaning, 'salvation') in his arms while Anna 'spoke of Him to all those who looked for redemption in Jerusalem' (Lk.  2v25-28, 36-38).

In Acts 15
v14 James spoke of the Gentiles whom God had taken out to be 'a people for His name.' The blessing of salvation would now be made available to Gentiles through the Jewish Messiah.
In a future day, God will rapture His church, removing the faithful remnant of Earth's population to meet the Lord in the air.  Soon afterward, during the Tribulation, He will seal a remnant of 144,000 Jewish people who will proclaim a worldwide message of hope in the Messiah.  In response, 'a great multitude' from every tribe, kindred, nation, and tongue will gladly receive the message.  Yet even they will be only a remnant of the total world population (Rev.  7).

One day there no longer will be a faithful remnant.  Instead, there will be a new heaven and new Earth, populated only by the faithful who truly love Him with all their hearts, souls, and might.

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